We understand that not all of your dirties are the same. Use this service for the items you do not want dried with heat. Lingerie, workout wear, or that favorite pair of jeans that fit JUST right.


This wash, dry & fold service is for one load of laundry (8-10 lbs.) Simply place your items in a small bag, like a reusable grocery bag or cinch backpack, we will pickup on the day you request, (get your order in by midnight the day before pickup) and deliver them back the next business day in our exclusive LAUNDRY DAY - DONE bag to be used with your next service.

  • Laundry products are included in this service fee, please choose the products you would like us to use under the Laundry Products menu. 
  • Laundry needs to be available for pickup at 8:30 AM. 
  • Laundry will be delivered between 8:30 AM-1:30 PM
  • Pickup and delivery is free. 

While we work hard to return your air-dried items completely dry, they may be a little damp and require some hang dry time at home. 

Wash, Fold, Air Dry Delicates (Single Load)

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Laundry Products
Pickup/Delivery Day
  • Your pickup and delivery is free and included inthe price of your laundry service. Pickup and delivery is between 830 am and 1 pm. You simple schedule the day you would like us to pick up your dirties, give us the details of exactly where you would like us to pick up and deliver....on your front porch, in your garage, or on your back porch, etc. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday pickup will be delivered the next day. Friday and Saturday pickup will be delivered on Monday. (That gives us a little time to wash our own dirty clothes).

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